Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Boys and their toys

One of the blessings of Dan's job is the plethora of days off that he gets! He got Friday and Monday off for Labor Day weekend. The weather, although quite wet in spots, was really nice. Cloudy and in the mid-70's - my favorite! Always the one for seizing an opportunity to play with his power tools, Dan decided to build the long awaited shed in the backyard. The rain was a minor hindrance but it's moving along just fine, and should be completed in a few days.

As I stood in the partially completed structure, I couldn't help but think of the pioneers. "Their houses weren't much bigger than this," I thought, "and they didn't have Home Depot down the street with pre-cut lumber." It was humbling.

Jack's new favorite toys are the Rocket, from the Little Einstiens, and any type of train you can find. I pulled out our little train set the other day and now that's all he wants to do all day! He even napped with two little train cars in his hands the other day. I can't believe he actually fell asleep!

I love watching his little, pudgy hands push the train cars around while he makes chugging sounds.

Since the girls are both in school, I'm excited to get some more one on one time with my little man... and his toys.

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