Thursday, September 17, 2009

At the dentist

This morning Emma had a dentist appointment with our new dentist. I was having fun in the waiting room playing trucks with Jack, when all of a sudden, I heard Emma talking - almost shouting - from the dentist chair.

I would have been worried except all she was saying was "May 6." Then she said it again... a little louder. Then again, louder still. Then she said "I'm going to be 5" (which isn't true - she'll be six on her next birthday) in that same carrying tone.

I finally got up and looked through the glass door into the room where she was having her teeth cleaned. Right as I looked into the room, she turned her head slightly and I saw that she was wearing "movie glasses."

The dentist was chuckling a little as she said, "Okay, Emma, keep watching your movie."

Apparently the headphones were working just fine.

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  1. Michelle! Your blog is so cute...and so are your kiddos!