Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tea parties

The girls had a tea party a couple of weeks ago when they each had a friend over.
Jack really wanted to join in on the fun, but the tea set only had 4 place settings. So he had a tea party with Mommy all by himself and LOVED it!

My own little Mr. Darcy!


  1. Jack looks so much like his Grandpa Heaton!

  2. seriously cute that kid be any cuter? um...NO! I love them all!!

  3. Is that too cute?? I can't believe how the Heaton blood has shown up so much in this kid! Holy cow! Whenever I look at him, it reminds me of Stewart when you guys first moved to Downey. I think Stew was only a little bit older than what Jack is now when you guys moved in. Man, Shell, we're getting old!

  4. Oh My! such a beautiful family! Congrats on the new baby boy!! Bite Jack for me! Love you, Ant kris