Friday, April 16, 2010

Cleaning out the attic

Since we found out we're having a boy, we decided to get rid of all of our girl clothes that we've been hanging on to "just in case." This is what we got to sort through.

We have 5 garbage bags full of clothes going to the Goodwill (or DI if we can find one - Goodwill is just closer and easier), and the rest we're trying to sell on Craigslist. Except for the things that I'm keeping for my nieces, or for my girls for their girls. What a project!

It was so fun seeing clothes the girlies wore when they were tiny. Surprisingly, it's the clothes that they just grew out of that are the hardest to part with. Perhaps it's because it's proof that they are growing and there's nothing I can do about it. And would I change it if I could? No.... but still....

Such conflicting emotions. Just from cleaning out the attic.


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  1. Too bad we aren't there anymore to look through and see if we would want some of it. After having 3 boys I have so many boy clothes but can always use more girl clothes. I'm excited for you guys to have another boy. How fun!