Saturday, January 9, 2010

How about this?

So no takers on the last change... How about this one? I like it, so it really doesn't matter.

(However, if you just can't contain your overwhelming feelings of love for my new look, feel free to praise and adore all you want. I thrive on props, you know...)

The new picture, like the old one, was taken at Heaven on Earth. I love it because it symbolizes the love and solidarity that I feel in my family.

There is no feeling more satisfying than knowing that you are where you belong; that you are doing what you should be doing. That's how I feel about my role in my family.


  1. I LOVE the look Michelle. I love you too! You rock! I love reading your blog. You're awesome and inspire me to keep at mine. What an awesome example you are. I love to look at your pictures. Your kidlets are growing so fast. Take care and let me know how things are going!

  2. LOVE the new pic on top! Makes me miss that little place we call heaven on earth. I can't wait to go back next summer when I move home, but my heart also aches thinking about because I know it won't be the same without Grandpa. I love the new blog background too. I didn't see the middle one. I need to change mine too, especially since it says 2009 down the side!
    Miss and love you bunches!