Monday, November 16, 2009


Why does childhood have to go by so fast?

My own is now a hazy, patchy blur with only a few distinct memories: some funny, some not, some I wish I could trade in for ones that were forgotten.

Last night, as I played a song on the piano while my daughter sang the words with her sweet little girl voice, I thought, I am going to miss these days.

That was also my thought this morning as I was chasing my laughing, naked son around the kitchen with a sweatshirt in my hands, trying to aim just right so as to get his head through the hole on the first fly-by.

That was also my thought as I was scrubbing lunch out of my daughter's pants, and wiping the peanut butter off of her cute face five minutes before she had to catch the bus.

And as I cleaned up the counter after my daughter made her own pb&j for the first time.

And as I taped up another masterpiece by one of my daughters in the art gallery on my bedroom wall.

And as I snuggled in my bed with whoever got up first last Saturday morning.

And as I chased yellow, windblown leaves with my son at the park on the way home from the bus stop.

And as I read my son "just one more" story before his nap.

And as I sang my kiddos songs to them at bedtime.

And as I went into their rooms last night before I went to bed, pulled the matted hair back from their beautiful sleeping faces and gave them one more kiss goodnight.

I know that someday, they won't need me or want me to do these things for them.

And I know that I will wish they did.


  1. Very true grateful for where we're at right! I'm so glad that we talk so often to share some of our treasured moments. (And to vent too!) Love you...You're such a sweet mom!

    p.s. my scripture, song, prayer, pledge routine is working out fantastically!

  2. You make me cry!!! This is so true. I cherish the moments that Ashley wants to just cuddle with me in the mornings. I love being a mother! Anyone who would look down on this sacred calling has got to have something wrong with their head! Sometimes I wish I were a child again. Running around Downey without a care in the world! We as adults can learn SOOOOO much from children. Love you Shelley!

  3. And then your blessed children will become parents and you will discover that you have been so greatly added upon from your parenting experiences. And how is this you say, BECAUSE you love them so dearly, now and forever. And as they become loving parents and you watch with awe as they strive to raise their own family, you are rewarded more than you can ever imagine. I love you Michelle, always and forever. Can you feel the "butterflies"?