Saturday, March 27, 2010

Fun Sabbath Day Activities

Wow, do I have a lot of catching up to do!! I just uploaded a bunch of pictures, so hopefully this week will be conducive to blogging.

I just wanted to post about a little project I did this morning. This came to me after receiving the spiritual equivalent to a slap in the face. I was thumbing through the March Ensign the other day and came across a quote by a prophet (Pres. Spencer W. Kimball) about how the Sabbath day should be treated. It goes like this:

“The Sabbath calls for constructive thoughts and acts, and if one merely lounges about doing nothing on the Sabbath, he is breaking it.”

Whoa.... I'm the one you can usually find in their pjs within 5 minutes of getting home from church. Lounging is my favorite Sabbath activity, so you can imagine how this quote shook me to the core!

Well, I decided to make a change and found a list of fun family activities that are appropriate for the Sabbath. Then I found a jar and decorated it. I cut the list of activities into strips, folded them and put them in the jar. Now when the kids ask "What can we do today?" on a Sunday, I have a place for them to turn to!

Jar before:

Jar after:

I put the quote on the back of the jar as a gentle reminder of what prompted this in the first place:


  1. I love it Michelle! Now, what activities did you put inside?

  2. So cute! I'm with Melissa though... what are the activities? I better start getting ideas now... I think I've got a mighty active boy on my hands!

  3. Very cute idea. I should make one of those for me.