Friday, December 11, 2009

The truth

So I was chatting with a friend and fellow mom today and she told me that she reads my blog. She asked why I don't tell the truth about being a mom... that it's really a lot of hard work and can be extremely frustrating at times.

Well, Robie, although I may seriously regret posting this picture in the future, this one's for you.

This is what I look like more often than I'd like to admit; on the inside if not on the outside.

And yes, it's usually because of my children.

I agree that being a mom is a lot of hard work and can be extremely frustrating at times.

But truth be told, I love what I do, I love that my husband helps so much in the raising of our kids (and that he gives me a "time out" once in a while), and yes, I think it's worth it.


  1. Michelle! This picture is hilarious! Isn't it the truth that this is what being a mom is like sometimes?!?! I say it's the most challenging, yet fulfilling thing I've ever done. I'm still wondering how it can be both like that, but it is! Being a mommy is the BEST! Love you!

  2. Thanks Michelle, I love it! I have to agree that my only dislike about blogs is we only see the rosy life of everyone. Noone ever posts about the hard things and sometimes I must admit that I leave feeling deflated and not up to the perfection of so many of my friends. Thanks for letting us see the imperfections. :o)